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Adults – Ages 18 and Up


It’s never too late to begin your training. Learn in an environment that moves at your pace while developing self-protection skills in a traditional setting.

Whether you are looking to gain more confidence, learn self defense, relieve stress or just make some new friends and get exercise Legacy Karate can provide it.

Many say, “I’m too old to take karate”. Martial arts training can benefit people of all ages. Legacy understands that as we get older we may have some physical limitations. Training as an adult means you learn the same curriculum as the younger students, but its tailored to the adult student’s abilities. We work with your limitations and enhance your strengths.

There are many more benefits associated with martial arts for both teens and adults and as a practitioner, you will discover these advantages throughout your journey into martial arts. Karate is a valuable skill that can improve all aspects of life and it can be very fun and rewarding.

New students can start their training at any time. A complimentary trial class can be scheduled at your convenience.

adult karate classes


Confidence & Self Control
Focus & Discipline
Leadership Skills
Positive Character​
Physical Fitness