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Children – Ages 4 to 7


Beginners concentrate on fundamentals while being introduced to a martial arts learning environment.

The 4-7 year old program is separated into two groups: Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced. The beginner group ranges in experience from zero to nine months. The goal of the beginner 4-7 year old group is to develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Tang Soo Do. We are not only trying to develop the young student’s physical ability but also develop their positive character traits.

At this age and experience level, special care is taken on developing motor skills, strengthening hand-eye coordination and developing balance. We also work on building confidence, socialization skills, respect for each other, and being courteous to each other.

The 4-7 year old beginner will not participate in the sparring component of the normal curriculum. They will start that component when they are promoted to the level of orange belt (approx. 9 months of training) and graduate to the 4-7 intermediate/advanced class schedule. Instead, the beginner will participate in a game portion of the end of class that helps them develop the physical component discussed in the above paragraph.

Students can start at any time!! Contact us to schedule your complimentary lesson.

karate classes ages 4-7


Confidence & Self Control
Focus & Discipline
Leadership Skills
Positive Character​
Physical Fitness