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Children – Ages 8 to 12


Beginners focus on fundamentals at a slightly quicker pace and are introduced into class in a small group environment.

Legacy’s 8-12 year old classes are separated into 2 groups: Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced. The beginner 8-12 year old student will be introduced to the Tang Soo Do curriculum in a one on one or small group environment. This allows the beginner student to develop a strong grasp of the fundamentals of this martial art.

The beginner will stay with the group during the stretching portion of the class. Then will be moved off to the side to work on beginner material. At this beginning stage the student will also learn the etiquette of the gym which includes how to enter the training hall, how to address instructors and seniors, how to enter the training hall if coming in after class has started and how to line up in the beginning and ending of class. Developing discipline and respect starts from the very beginning of the students training.

The beginner curriculum for promotion and advancement (moving through the belt system) includes: opening exercises, one step sparring, self defense, forms (hyungs), sparring and sparring drills.

Beginner students can start their training at any time. Contact us for more information and to schedule your complimentary trial class.

teen classes ages 8-12


Confidence & Self Control
Focus & Discipline
Leadership Skills
Positive Character​
Physical Fitness