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First Test
The 4 to 7 year old beginner & After school students

Dear Parents & Students:

Congratulations! Your child is ready for their first karate test. This is your opportunity to observe how well your child is doing with their lessons. These tests are geared toward helping the young beginner and afterschool student understand the concept of advancement and promotion. Because the testing requirements for the rank of 9th Gup white belt(White Belt one blue stripe) has traditionally been requirements for students from the ages of 8 and up, the Royersford Gym has implemented a 4-7 year old and after school testing program designed to help the younger student achieve their full rank of 9th Gup White Belt. There will be two tests required for the 4-7 year old student and after school student before being recommend to test for the 9th Gup rank. Gup rank. In each test, the proctor will walk the student through their testing requirements. This will give the beginner student a better understanding of the testing process and help the student understand what is required of them at testing. In addition, it is a goal-oriented process, teaching the student advancement through accomplishing goals in their day to day training.

Testing Information & Etiquette:

  1. Student’s Uniforms should be clean, unwrinkled and have the Legacy patch sewed on (left side over the heart).
  2. Students should arrive for the testing before the posted time.
  3. The $60.00 Testing Fee should be paid before the date of the test.
  4. Testing candidates should remain quiet and sit properly before and after their test is completed. Their testing is not complete until everyone is dismissed.
  5. Candidates should make every effort to test on the scheduled testing day. Exceptions and testing in class will only be made if advanced notice is given.
  6. Parents should remain quiet while testing. Any siblings or small children that are distracting will take away from the testing candidates’ ability to perform at their best.
  7. Video taping and pictures are permitted during testing (please be courteous to others).
  8. Students will be promoted approximately two full weeks after testing. This allows the instructor time to correct any mistakes made on testing day prior to receiving their new rank.

Any questions regarding testing should be directed to Master Versland at the gym (610-792-9091).

Best regards and see you on testing day.

Master Eric Versland

White/Orange Belts Dressed and on the gym floor by 10:15am

Green Belts/Red Belts Dressed and on the floor by 12:15pm

Testing fee of $60.00 should be paid prior to the testing date.

Every effort should be made to attend this testing. However anyone having conflicts with this testing date should contact Master Versland as soon as possible to make arrangements to test in class. (Testing fee still applies)

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Master Versland