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Rules and Regulations
Membership Dues:

Dues are to be paid on the first class of each month. Payments collected after the tenth of the month will be assessed a $10.00 late fee. Dues will not be waived or prorated for missed classes, vacations, etc. When extended absence is anticipated, as in the case of vacations, classes may be made up before or after the absence. Special cases such as lengthy illness or financial hardship will be dealt with on an individual basis. Students are discouraged from “taking the month off” Doing so is not in the best interest of student progress and does not release the student from financial responsibility. Students who adopt this practice regularly will be considered for dismissal.


Attendance will be recorded at every class. Eight classes a month should be attended to meet requirements for testing. Missed classes may be made up during any regular operating hours of the gym. The instructor can recommend make up classes that are best suited to the individual student.


Classes that fall on major holidays will be cancelled. Classes on the day before or after some holidays may be cancelled. These classes need not be made up to meet the requirements for testing. Individuals who desire to make up these classes may do so any time before or after the holiday break. All holiday class cancellations will be posted in the gym and on the front entrance doors to the gym. The Royersford gym closes for two vacation weeks during the year, the week of the 4th of July and the week of Christmas. Classes for these weeks can be made up any time before or after these designated weeks.

Snow Closings:

In most cases, classes will be cancelled when the Spring-Ford Area Schools close or early dismissal. If there is significant improvement in road conditions before the scheduled class times, call the gym to inquire about classes being held. Please use your own discretion when attempting to make class. The Royersford training schedule is flexible enough to make up any missed classes, safety first.


Grading tests are administered 4 times annually for students under the rank of Black Belt. Testing eligibility is never to be assumed. Eligibility is at the discretion of the instructors. This practice maintains a high standard of the gym. Students do not receive an inflated rank and therefore, a false sense about themselves. Factors used to determine eligibility include: 1. Attendance (8 classes or more per month) 2. Acquisition and competent performance of all test material 3. Payment of the test fee prior to the testing date. If an eligible student cannot make the test date, make up tests are held one month after the scheduled testing. Students should be dressed and on the floor at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. All testing candidates are required, as part of their testing, to have their uniform on and in a clean and neat manner. A Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan Association patch is also required to be on the uniform, in its proper placement, for all testing candidates. If a testing candidate arrives late, the instructors maintain the right not to test the candidate or discipline the student accordingly.

Gym Appearance:

The appearance of the gym is every student’s responsibility. Shoes and socks are to be removed near the entrance of the gym and placed in the shoe cubes provided. Coats are to be hung in the locker rooms and equipment bags are to be placed around the perimeter of the locker rooms. The bathrooms and locker rooms are to be kept as neat as possible. The instructors are not responsible for lost clothing, equipment and the like.

Gym Etiquette:

There will be a formal salute to the flags upon entering and leaving the Dojang floor.

Students will address the Instructors and Black Belts by their appropriate titles. Master Versland will be addressed as Sah Bom Nim or Master Versland. All Black Belts shall be addressed as Mister or Miss (Misses).

Classes start promptly; therefore, students should make every effort to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class.

Any student, who is observed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will be dismissed from the school and stripped of his/her rank.

No Students will engage in Free sparring without permission and supervision. Supervision must be by an adult Black Belt member or Instructor. This is for the safety of the student.

Students must wear protective Head, Hand, Foot, Groin and Mouth Piece equipment while engaging in Free sparring.

Students will make every attempt to prevent injuries of all kinds while Free sparring. There will be absolutely NO INTETIONAL CONTACT ABOVE THE SHOULDERS AND TO THE GROIN. At no time are blind spinning techniques, either foot or hand, to be thrown without regard for your partner’s safety.

Students, while Free sparring, will not throw techniques to the back, spinal column, or groin. Students will also refrain from sweeping against the joint and taking their opponent down without control.

Students will cut their fingernails and toenails regularly so that injuries of this nature will be avoided and minimized.

Students, while Free sparring a junior member or member of lesser ability, are to exercise control. Those who intentionally do not, will be punished accordingly.

Absolutely no horseplay or fooling around will be tolerated while on the training floor or other parts of the Dojang. This includes running. Students who engage in horseplay while in uniform before or after class will be disciplined. Again, this is for the safety of all the members.

Uniforms will be kept clean and repaired at all times. Students will adhere to uniform standards set down by the AmKor Karate Institutes and the Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan Association. All uniforms and gear should be purchased through the school to assure proper type. Only Black Belts are allowed to wear AmKor on the backs of their uniforms.

No jewelry is permitted to be worn while training. This includes pierced earrings. Jewelry poses a hazard to both you and your partner in training.

Any injury that will impair a student’s performance in class should be reported to the instructors immediately. This is a responsibility that all students must adhere to. Your safety, while in class, is very important to us.

Absolutely NO free sparring (fighting) will be conducted during any class that Master Versland is not present for. Classes covered by assistant Instructors will be run without the sparring component of class.

All students actively training at the Legacy Karate Academy in Royersford must be covered under health or medical insurance either individually or under their parent’s health plans.